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Acid Proof Bricks

Acid Proof Bricks are highly useful in a variety of industries and offer superb protection even in hazardous areas. Acid Proof Bricks are manufactured using a mixture of different Clay and feldspar due to which they have varying properties. Acid proof Bricks are manufactured by dry pressing method and firing in high temperature ceramic Kilns. Since these are manufactured from a mixture of different raw materials, the properties are subject to variations as the raw material themselves may vary. The properties shown are mean values from quality control figures conforming to IS 4860.

These bricks are highly demanded in the national and international markets. We stock bulk quantities of Acid Proof Bricks to be delivered at short notice to the clients.

Sizes :

  • 230x115x75 mm
  • 230x115x38 mm
  • According to users requirement as per order

Specialty :

  • High resistance to chemical attacks
  • Low hygroscopic property
  • Resistance to oxidization
  • Resistant to corrosion and abrasion
  • High strength with low crackling tendency
  • High thermal Shock Resistance

Used in :

  • Thermal Power Plant chimney
  • Acid storage tanks
  • Acid Digesters
  • Sewage conduits
  • Smelting furnaces
  • Electroplating rooms
  • Laboratories


Size 12x4inch, 12x5inch, 9x3Inch.10x3inch
Type Bricks
Material Clay
Shape Rectangular
Thickness 0-25mm, 25-50mm, 50-75mm
Application Construction Use, Floor, Partition Walls
Color Multi Colour
Structure Solid
Resistance Durability Fire Resistance


Brand Water absorption (% Max) Flexural Strength (Kg/Cm2) Min. CCS (Kg/Cm2) Min Resistance to acid (Loss in Wt %) Max
KS- AP I 2 100 700 1.5
KS- AP II 4 70 500 4

Acid Proof Mortar Specifications

Brand Working time Minutes at 27 C Flexural Strength (Kg/Cm2) Min CCS (Kg/Cm2) Min Bond Strength Absorption of Toulene Max. (% by weight)
KS-AMS 15 35 100 5
KS AMP 29 40 150 5


Used in : For Laying of Acid resisting Bricks and Tiles

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