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Silica Sand

Silica is the most abundant mineral found in the crust of the earth. It forms an important constituent of practically all rock-forming minerals. Specification: AFS 40/45 Grade SiO2 - 95% Max Clay - 0.5% Max Moisture (dry) - 0.4% Max Sodium Chloride - 0.01% Max Iron Content - 0.015%.

The sand we offer complies with quality standards and shows off precise composition. Its physical and chemical attributes are ensured to be the same as desired. And its quality is tested by us in an impeccable manner. Besides, we offer it enclosed in safe packages and in demanded quantities – whether in bulk – to the global market.

Standard Specification

Chemical Composition of Glass Gradesilica Sand


SiO2 98.50% Min.
Fe2O3 0.045% Max.
AI2O3 0.6% Max.
Cao 0.15% Max.
MgO 0.1% Max.
Lol 0.5% Max.
Moisture Content 0.5% Max. (Dry) and 5% Max. For wet Sand


Granulometric Configuration of Glass Grade Silicasand 

+25 BSS Nil
-100 BSS 10% Max.
-120 BSS 5% Max.


Chemical Composition of Foundry Grade Silica Sand


SiO2 98.50% Min
Fe2O3 0.20% max.
AI2O3 0.70% Max.
Cao 0.20% Max.
TiO2 0.08% Max.
MgO 0.08% Max.
PH Value 7% Max.
Moisture 0.5% Max. (Dry Sand) and 5% Max. for Wet Sand
Clay 0.2% to 0.5% depending on customer requirement.
LOl 0.50% Max.
ADV (CC) 5 Malmax (N/10HCL - 50 gms Sand)