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Air Setting Mortar

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Air Setting Mortar

We provide world class Air Setting Mortar which is used for laying 50% alumina bricks and above. These are used as general purpose mortars and appreciated for their several qualities by the national and international clients. Our Air Setting Mortar is a perfect combination of carefully selected refractory materials and makes a rigid structure after it gets dried off. We have very high demand for these products.

Product Information :
  • Raw material Base : Calcined Bauxite
  • Delivery State : Dry

Attributes :
  • Forms strong bonds
  • Highly resistant to abrasion and erosion
  • Good water retention
  • Minimum setting time

Packaging :
  • 50 kg Bag

Applications :
  • Steel Industry
  • Engineering industry
  • Non-Ferrous industry
  • Cement industry
  • Petrochemical industry


Brand Al2O3 Temperature (C)(C) Fe2 O3 P.C.E Grain Size Service Sintering Temp Application
KS-50 Fine 50 4.0 31.5 -0.5 mm 1500 1100 Laying 45-50 % Alumina Bricks
KS-50 Normal 50 4.0 31.5 -1.5 mm 1500 1100 Laying 45-50 % Alumina Bricks